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Puppy Training in Sussex

Getting a new puppy or have already got the new family addition? The first year of the dog's life is extremely important and shapes the type of dog they become. Teaching your puppy correct behaviour and house rules can start as soon as you get them home. To have a good all round solid dog, early learning and development is crucial.

We can offer advice from even before getting a puppy i.e. what to look for when choosing a puppy and how to give the puppy the best start. I will always recommend to look at a rescue centre first as there are thousands of puppies in rescue centres that need a happy home. Once you get your puppy, I will stress the importance of taking things slow but also setting early goals and training. Training should always be fun, especially when you are only six weeks old! The world is a big place for a little tiny pup and you are going to be absolutely everything to them. Your bond is so important and with some training advice I can help you be on the way to a happy, well trained pup! As your puppy grows, training sessions will alter depending on their age. Common puppy training areas that we can help you with:

  Jumping up
  Crate training
  Ability to be left alone
  Starting the foundations for a good recall
  Picking up items and/or destroying them

       Puppy Training       Puppy Training        Puppy Training       

Although these are the common issues people face when getting a puppy, there are always more ways pups can get up to mischief! So if your puppy is doing something on the list or something completely different, get in touch with us today to begin your fun and positive puppy training!


Puppy Training 1 to 1: £30.00 per session.

Or pre-book 5 sessions for only £130.00 and save £20.00.

Services that fall on a Bank Holiday are subject to time and a half.


If you would like any further information, or a chat about the dog services we offer, see the contact page for details.