It's a Dog's Life
Dog Training in Sussex

Having a dog is such a lovely thing, they are part of the family. But having a well trained dog can strengthen your bond together and help you enjoy one another even more than you already do. We work together with owners so you can get the most out of your dog by focusing on what you want to achieve and utilise your dog's personality to get the results you want.

It's a Dog's Life is here to help you to work through your dog's issues together. We recognise that everyone's expectations from a dog are completely different.

Whether it's stopping your dog pulling on the lead, teaching them not to jump up, ensuring your dog comes back when called, inappropriate greeting of visitors, stopping the destruction of household items or any other behaviour you want to accomplish, we are here to get you the results you want.

Issues vary from one dog to another, so we give very specific advice tailored to you, your dog and your lifestyle. We always use positive training methods making it fun and rewarding for both of you, allowing you to enjoy continuing with training.

We have a vast experience of training and dog behaviour ranging from rescue dogs, new puppies and recognised assistance dogs. Our dogs keep us on our feet and so there are often new challenges that arise.

You may not necessarily have any issues you want correcting but you may just want to teach your dog new commands. Dogs naturally want to keep learning and really enjoy working new tasks out. So if you feel you want to do something more with your dog for fun, be it fancy tricks or useful tasks such as opening and closing doors, retrieving the post etc, we will offer training sessions tailored to you. We can work together so you and your dog can begin to get more from one another.



Dog Training 1 to 1: £35.00 per session.

Services that fall on a Bank Holiday are subject to time and a half.


If you would like any further information on Dog Training, or a chat about the other dog services we offer, please see the contact page for details.