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Dog Walking in Sussex

Dog Walking

Leaving your dog at home whilst out or at work? Maybe you are unable to give your dog their required amount of exercise? We provide a dog walking service to suit your needs. Varying from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on you or your dogs requirements, It's a Dog's Life is able to provide a personal dog walking service for your dog. We will only walk dogs from the same household at one time so that they get the full attention and fun they need! With 1 to 1 attention given to your dog(s), you can put your mind at rest knowing your dog is having a great time with us! We like to make dog walks fun for your dog(s), as well as different and stimulating. Having worked with such a vast variety of dogs, we understand that dogs enjoy different walks for different reasons, for example:
   If your dog enjoys swimming we can take them to the beach.
   If your dog enjoys playing with other dogs we can take them to highly populated dog areas.
   If your dog enjoys mostly sniffing/smelling and exploring, then we can take them to areas that are              likely to offer such an opportunity to smell more, e.g. the woods.
   If your dog enjoys fetching and playing with balls/toys, we can take them to a spacious area in order          to maximise playtime.
Please note that this service does depend on the distance of your preferred dog walk location and your house in regards to the time it takes to reach these places; generally along the coast from Chichester to Lancing; and inland towards Petworth. We know most places that are ideal for dog walking/dog running, or we can usually find something that is suitable for your dog.
Dog Walking in the Park Dog Walking on the Beach
Dog Walking in the Woods
Dog Running in Sussex
Mike offers a dog running service on a lead and will adapt the pace to suite your dog's needs. Depending on your dog will depend on how fast and how far Mike runs, how many breaks are taken and what type of route he will take. This is important for dogs that require a little extra exercise due to being an active breed, their need for invigorating stimulation, or even for health reasons where your dog may need to lose weight. However, Mike will not exercise your dog too much, and exercises will relate to how the dog performs, it's staying power and stamina.
Dog Running


Dog Walking: £14.00 per hour, up to 90 minutes.

Dog Running Exercise Class: £12.00 per 30 minutes or £20.00 per hour.

Services that fall on a Bank Holiday are subject to time and a half.


If you would like any further information, or a chat about the dog services we offer, see the contact page for details.