It's a Dog's Life

About It's a Dog's Life

Mike and Sara have been around dogs all their lives.

Sara has over 5 years of Advanced Assistance Dog Training experience, teaching dogs how to perform a range of tasks to help improve the lives of people with disabilities. Prior to this, Sara has been involved with the upbringing and training of puppies in preparation for training dogs for the disabled. Sara also worked in a rehoming shelter in America for nearly two years, helping with general health checks. What was most rewarding to her was working with and re-habilitating the more nervous and aggressive dogs who were unsuitable for rehoming. There was a need to encourage and train nervous dogs to walk in public whilst preparing them for an adoption programme in the hope that they might find a home.

Its a dogs life

Therefore Sara is used to handing a range of breeds and types of dogs and understands the needs, requirements and uniqueness of each dog she works with. It is obvious that Sara is very committed and caring towards the health and well-being of all dogs, which is why she treats every owner and dog individually. Furthermore, she has had two dogs, both rescue dogs, so understands the relationship between owner and dog; and the importance of canine integration. Sara holds the Level 3 Advanced Award in Canine Behaviour and a Certificate in Canine Massage.


Mike is a full time athlete and trains from home, meaning that your dog will never be left alone. This also creates a unique opportunity if your dog has lots of energy to burn, in that Mike can potentially take your dog running! He enjoys taking care of all different types of dogs and as a previous owner of rescue dogs, he understands and appreciates the worries of leaving your dog whilst going away.

Mike can keep your dog occupied by playing games, making your dog feel happy and content while having plenty of fun. Playing with your dog is a healthy form of exercise, because play is a good way for your dog to learn how to interact with humans, whilst being psychologically active.


We fully understand the desire to have a well trained dog that you can take everywhere hassle free, a healthy dog that has it's required exercise, a young puppy growing and developing as they should and also the peace of mind needed for owners when they are at work, or away and are needing their best friend to be taken care of as if they were family.

It's a Dog's Life understands the difficulty in deciding where and with whom to leave your dog when needed, so for all first time dog walks, dog day care or dog boarding for one night, we offer a trial price so you can see the amount of love they will get!
Before any session, or service offered, we recommend a free initial meeting of both you and your dog to discuss your needs, wants and requirements; and also to get your dog used to us. Whichever service you require we take into consideration both you and your dog's lifestyle, wants and needs and do our best to make sure each dog is healthy and happy. We are fully licenced (Licence No: 16152) and insured.

If you would like any further information, or a chat about the dog services we offer, see the contact page for details.